Work experience with Cohere Arts

We recently had to say goodbye to lovely University of Suffolk student Maisy Ritchie, who joined us for a work placement at the beginning of 2023. Before she returned to her studies, Maisy talked to us about her experiences and career aspirations.

Why were you interested in doing a placement at Cohere Arts?

As part of my final year of studies on the dance degree course we are required to to a 6-week work placement. I have always been interested in how the arts can improve health and wellbeing, and was eager to learn more about it. I am also interested in what it takes to create and run a project and wanted to
learn about the different elements required to make that happen.

What kinds of activity have you been involved with during your time at Cohere?

During my time at Cohere Arts I have been involved in their creative health programme, assisting with Gentle – a seated yoga class to music and Little Lights – a programme to improve health and wellbeing through engaging with creative arts.

I have also been learning about the funding, evaluation, and marketing
within projects which have been really useful for my future. This involved taking part in team meeting days which enabled me to learn more about the company.

What were the stand out moments for you?

For me, the most stand out moment for me was meeting the Cohere Arts team and being so welcomed by them all. I have also particularly enjoyed meeting all of the participants and getting to know them better during the tea breaks during sessions.

How has spending time working with Cohere Arts influenced your career aspirations?

During my work experience I have discovered a passion for marketing which has influenced my career aspirations. I have really enjoyed being a part of the delivery of projects too which is something I would like to continue whilst learning more about marketing within the arts.

What advice would you give anyone thinking about using their artistic skills and interests within a creative health environment?

If I had to give anyone who was thinking about using their artistic skills and interests within a creative health environment advice it would be to just go for it and give it your all with an open mind as it is such a rewarding experience.

If you are interested in a work placement or volunteering at Cohere Arts, get in touch via email: