Community activities supporting health & wellbeing


Thanks to the support of Suffolk County Council’s Engaged Communities Group, we are delighted to be launching a brand new programme at Woodbridge Community Hall, offering a range of FREE classes and workshops enabling people living in East Suffolk to get active, creative and connected

The programme will centre around Gentle, a weekly seated yoga to music class. Piloted in 2022 thanks to support from the East Suffolk Council’s Boost Fund, our popular Gentle class is delivered by Imogen Hayward, a Hatha yoga teacher specialising in seated yoga. Imogen believes that bringing back movement to the body is incredibly beneficial, and yoga should be accessible to everybody. She was recently awarded Active Suffolk Unsung Hero 2022 for her dedicated work in this area.

Imogen welcomes complete beginners to the classes which are carefully designed to promote self-care whilst improving physical and mental wellbeing. Sessions are completely free to attend, do not require pre-booking or any special clothes or equipment.

“I find these classes so good; largely due to the careful calming leadership of Imogen who is very adept at keeping everyone interested. I shall definitely keep coming…”

Gentle participant

“I feel better for it.”

Gentle participant
Ten people sit on chairs placed in a circle, facing inwards. They all have arms raised with bent elbows, palms by their ears, facing into the circle. Their heads are slightly tilted backwards, lifting their gaze.

In each session, participants are led through a gentle movement and class to relaxing music, with all activity taking place seated on a chair. There is also be time to unwind and connect socially over a cuppa or cool drink after the activity. 

All participants are welcome to bring along a partner, friend or loved one.

“We are thoroughly enjoying the yoga, new to us in our 70’s, but a joy. It might be seated but you certainly know you’ve done it! Great fun.”

Gentle participant

For any questions about the sessions, or to sign up for Monday lunchtime Zoom sessions, please email us at