Walpole Old Chapel

When making site-specific work, often the setting, building and context has such an impact that it almost becomes another character in the story you are telling. The most successful performances use this, and the venue’s unique physical, architectural and historical features as an integrated part of the creative work, leaving an audience as intimately entwinedContinue reading “Walpole Old Chapel”

Making music theatre in a pandemic

This project took life again as the world was in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the creative team had not worked in the same physical space as other artists for 9 months by the time of our residency at Walpole Old Chapel. A lot of us had experienced cancellation and postponement ofContinue reading “Making music theatre in a pandemic”

R + D at Walpole Old Chapel December 2020

Finally we managed it – in Dec 2020 our rescheduled residency at Walpole Old Chapel went ahead within the smallest of windows between COVID-19 lockdowns. During this time, the UK was in a complex regional tier system, and although most of our cast and team members were local to Suffolk, a small proportion were travellingContinue reading “R + D at Walpole Old Chapel December 2020”

First Read Through of Witchfinder

“If we can feel the energy on a zoom, imagine it in person!” Today should have been the first day of our residency at Walpole Old Chapel, which annoyingly had to be postponed due to Lockdown 2.0. Not to be undone, we marked the occasion with an online read through of Witchfinder with (almost) allContinue reading “First Read Through of Witchfinder”

Witchfinder – Where it began

Witchfinder began its life in 2013 as The Witchfinder Project: combining the ideas of three Suffolk artists; composer Amy Mallett, choreographer Sarah Alexander, and graphic novelist Emile Warnes (images by Emile can be seen below).  The show, supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, was devised in a series ofContinue reading “Witchfinder – Where it began”