Woodland Voices Exhibition

Thanks to everyone who visited our Woodland Voices exhibition at Christchurch Mansion on Friday 28th October. We were thrilled to welcome a wide range of visitors from pushchair passengers, to entire families and curious tourists! Visitors remarked on the immersive qualities of audio and the exhibition’s ability to transport you to a woodland environment despite the fact that you were indoors within a beautiful, but very different setting.

“Thoughtful, amazing and beautiful.”

“It’s like being outdoors.”

“Absolutely lovely.”

“Refreshing, thoughtful, peaceful.”

“Fascinating and good to be made to pause and listen.”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful hour. Creative, totally peaceful.”

Comments from the exhibition visitors book

The event was the culmination of a 3-month project with our High Spirits group; a collective of visually impaired artists who had created 15 audio pieces including poetry, stories, music and drama in response to spending time at the Green Light Trust’s Castan Wood site in Martlesham. The project was supported by Postcode Places Trust and Ipswich Museums.

Each artist had worked on their own pieces as well as some group works, but the exhibition was the first time they had heard the collection as a whole.

“I think sound is our strength; it’s what we rely on more than anything else.”

“Having it on headphones really helps – you don’t have any other noise so you can get more engrossed.”

“What I liked was that we all had our own views of what we were experiencing, and then somehow we were able to voice them in different ways, and come up with a complete picture at the end.”

Participant feedback