Woodland Voices Audio Exhibition

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Woodland Voices Exhibition

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Woodland Voices Programme

Woodland Voices is an exhibition of audio artworks created by visually impaired artists in response to spending time at Castan Wood in Martlesham, Suffolk. This project is a collaboration between Cohere Arts and Green Light Trust.

The exhibition was shared at Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich on Friday 28th October 2022.

1. I Went to the Woods – All

What would the trees say if they could talk to us? A poem created by the group.

2. A Tall Story – Gill Cook

2022 was a bumper year for acorns. A short story about the acorn, a small symbol of great strength and endurance.

3. Diary – Marilyn Marvin

Marilyn shares her poetic diary reflecting on time spent in Castan Wood.

4. Bark – Wayne Witney

A cinematic guitar piece inspired by the protective qualities and varying textures of bark.

5. In the woods – Paul Nugent

Paul’s spontaneous response to time spent in Castan Wood, reflecting on the restorative qualities of the natural environment.

6. Chestnut Girl – Carolyn Allum

A short story of a strange woodland encounter, as told by Carolyn’s guide dog, Lea.

7. The Hanging Tree – Clare Burman

A song inspired by our region’s witchfinding heritage; the relationship between a tree and a woman who is hanged accused of witchcraft.

8. Underground Networks – Andy Girling

Featuring field recordings made at Castan Wood, a 3D soundscape imagines how communities of trees might communicate under the earth. 

9. Olly the Owl – Paul Nugent

A bit of a hoot.

10. The Weeping Willow – Marilyn Marvin

Told in rhyme, the story of two lovers who once met in the woods.

11. My Best Friend – Dave Appleton

Dave sings one of his favourite songs from the Captain Beaky collection by Jeremy Lloyd.

12. Saffy’s Gift – Saffy the Guide Dog (Clare Burman)

A short story inspired by the mystical qualities of the wood and those who walked there before us.

13. Trees v Humans – All

A short courtroom drama devised during an improvisation workshop. The case of Trees v Humans.

14. Imagine – Carolyn Allum

A poem imagining the consequences of humanity’s continued decimation of forests, woodlands and green spaces.

15. Bringer of Life – Clare Burman

A final poem.

High Spirits are a creative audio company of visually impaired artists living in East Anglia. Artists contributing to this exhibition are:

Carolyn Allum          

Dave Appleton              

Clare Burman

Gill Cook                   

Caroline Giddings        

Andy Girling

Ann Kasemsant         

Amanda Martin             

Marilyn Marvin

Paul Nugent              

Wayne Witney

Artistic Director – Amy Mallett

Direction by Emma Bernard

Sound design by Simon Keep

Community producer – Philippa Storey

Additional music by Amy Mallett, Karl Younger & Emily Bennett

With special thanks to volunteers Marianna, Imogen, Steph, Penny, Matt & Fran, and readers Rainbow & Beau

The project was made possible due to funding from the Postcode Places Trust, & the support of Colchester & Ipswich Museum Service.