Arts for young activists

VOICE! is a project for people aged 11-16 to explore how the arts can be used to promote positive social, political and environmental action.

“We have voices, and we will use them. We want change and we want it now, now, now!”

Artist-led workshops provide an inclusive and safe space for young people to discuss the things they care about and look at how to use drama, sound, visual art & words to get their ideas across and effect change.

Sessions support the mental health of participants by creating opportunities to talk openly about world issues, develop new skills and use them for positive action. Activities are co-created with attendees and tailored to cover topics and media they are most interested in. We invite professional artists to help the young artists develop their ideas, and most importantly create a platform for discussion in which everyone can have their voice heard.

In our first workshop series, the group explored dance, physical theatre, music, visual art, podcasting, and film-making. They learned about different forms of protest and how the arts can be used to promote positive change in the world. Issues covered included climate change, conservation, equality and LGBTQ rights. The project culminated in the production of their own film.


Our second project had a particular focus on climate action. In May 2023 we worked with our friends at Rock Paper Scissors and CLIP to offer three innovative and exciting FREE workshops for 11-16 year olds in podcasting, protest art & sound art. Our aim was to create audio, video and image content to raise awareness about the issues that project participants feel most strongly about.

VOICE! projects are supported by: