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Big Feelings

Developing emotional literacy & oracy

through music & dance

Big Feelings is a 6 week artist-led programme for KS1 and KS2. Through participation in creative arts activities, the key aims of the project are:

“I’m usually really shy but when I went it built up my confidence. It’s helped me join in more.”

Year 5 participant

“I find it really fun, we learn lots of music and songs and I have been really kind to my friends. I have learnt new things about music I didn’t know before.”

Year 3 participant

Our Big Feelings package includes:

This project was developed as part of an Ipswich-based network of events supported by Ipswich Creative & Educational Partnership’s #Hullabaloo22 initiative. The purpose of Hullabaloo22 is  to give young people and children the chance to express themselves, develop skills and have a voice through a series of vibrant, creative and inclusive cultural-education experiences. For more information about Hullabaloo’s activities, please visit

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